Victor CFS Operational Support

The Victor Harbor Operational Support Brigade (VOPS) is a separate CFS Brigade in the Victor CFS Group.

As the size and complexity of incidents grow the outcome is very dependant not only by the number of resources we can mobilise, but also on how effectively we can coordinate those resources.

This requires good communication, planning and logistics.

Victor Harbor Operational support members play a significant part this coordination, not just for the three active Victor Brigades, but also for the wider CFS organisation.

Thankfully, we have not had a very significant incident in our area for some time, however training and planning for small through to large incidents is critical given the increased frequency and severity of bushfires and other extreme weather events.

Some of the tasks performed by the Operational Support Brigade:

  • Radio communication and logging (recording) during incidents.
  • Providing information to responding crews.
  • Conduct paging as requested by Incident Control.
  • Source additional equipment needed for operations, such as bulldozers or loaders.
  • Provide welfare/catering for fire-fighters engaged at incident.
  • Assist and provide weather forecasts and mapping requests.
  • Liaison with Regional and other CFS personal.
  • Supply local knowledge and support for incoming Incident Management personnel.
  • Assist with the dispatch of Strike Teams from the Victor Group to other areas.
  • Participate in training and planning to improve future operational performance.

If you thinking about joining, give either Robyn 0410 480003 or Drew 0438 514482 a call and we will be happy to explain any aspects of being a CFS member with Victor Harbor Operational Support Brigade. Then if you are still interested we can arrange to give you a guided tour of our facilities and meet the rest of the team.