Lower Inman Valley CFS

Lower Inman Valley CFS Brigade is located at 575 Inman Valley Road, Back Valley.

We are predominantly a rural brigade responding to bush fires, road crashes and trees down. We often provide members and appliances for strike teams throughout South Australia and interstate. We have 2 heavy appliances and a quick response vehicle (QRV).

Our members span a wide range of ages and fair mix of both men and women.

We normally train every Monday night during daylight saving hours and every fortnight during the winter. We expect members to make their best effort to make all training nights whilst recognising sometimes this is not possible for everyone all the time.

If you are interested in becoming a member see the Victor Group join page or the volunteer information page on the main CFS website. You need to join the brigade that you can respond to in the shortest possible time. Most often this is simply the closest brigade.

If you thinking about joining, give our captain a call on 0438514482. He is happy to explain any aspects of being a CFS member with Lower Inman Valley CFS.